Say Goodbye to Hand-Raising, Microphones, and Off Topic Questions

Any Mobile Device

Attendees connect to our web-based application using any internet enabled device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.) and enter your event's access code. There's nothing to download or install.

More Questions Than Ever Before

Attendees often have questions but never ask them due to social pressures, or not wanting to admit they don't know something.

With Social Q&A, all interaction is anonymous among attendees so the participation barrier is removed, and you'll hear great questions from attendees that you never would have otherwise.

Know What's Most Important to the Entire Audience

Attendees can see questions that others have asked. If that question is one that they want answered, they can vote for it and the most popular questions automatically rise to the top.

The Ultimate Q&A Experience

Data Export & Sharing

You can export the data from your session in a number of ways, and easily share it on a blog, in a report, or via email.

Total Control When You Need It

You can turn on the moderation filter, and questions won't be visible to the group until they're approved.

Identify Participants

You have the option of requiring attendees to enter their name or email address before joining your session. Everything will remain anonymous among attendees, but you will be able to see who joined.

Custom Branding

Brand your app with a specific logo and color scheme!

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