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Social Q&A is a simple and powerful way to know what questions your audience has and which are most important to the entire group.

No more hand-raising, microphones, or wasting time on off topic questions.

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How Social Q&A Works...

  1. Attendees ask questions from their device.
  2. Everyone votes for the questions that they want answered.
  3. The most popular questions automagically rise to the top.
  4. When it's time for Q&A, the moderator knows what questions the audience has, and which are most important to address.

360 Degrees of Audience Engagement

For the most insightful Q&A experience ever


Collect questions prior to the event and tailor your content or conversation around the topics that you know are important.


Use Social Q&A to facilitate Q&A during your event. You'll know what topics are most important and will be able to answer more questions than ever before.


Weren't able to answer every question during the event? No problem. With Q&A Snapshots you can append answers and easily share with attendees.

Social Q&A enables our attendees to ask questions without disturbing the flow of the event or the panelists. It also allows the moderator to pick and choose questions that fit the conversation best.

Amy Shivvers, Director of Events @ Crain’s Chicago

Where is Social Q&A Used?