How To Try Social Q&A With a Small Group


  1. Browse to your Q&A Session from your current browser.
  2. Find a few people to act as attendees. It’s easiest if you are in the same room, but you don’t have to be.
  3. Instruct the attendees to browse to from their own device.
  4. Instruct attendees to enter access code 12345. This should bring everyone into your Q&A Session.

You should now have your browser/device acting as a moderator, and everyone in your small group acting as an attendee. Try some simple things, like having everyone submit a question, and vote for questions as they are added.

Advanced: Live Action Mode

Live Action Mode is a separate projector-oriented view of your Q&A Session. You can get to it by going to your Q&A Settings. Go to this view prior to your small group joining, so that you can see how it looks in real-time.